Talks > 13-14/10/2011 Fernando Galindo & Gabriel Verdejo

S-GAE: Sungrid Graphical Accounting Engine

One of the most important – but sometimes underestimated or forgotten – things to do when managing a high performance queue environment is monitoring the cluster user’s activity. At the RDlab we faced the need of managing large amounts of accounting information from our Sun Grid Engine and displaying it into user-friendly readable statistics.

After realising that the all available solutions did not suit our expectations, we decided to work in the development of a new application. The Sun Grid Graphical Accounting Engine (in short, s-gae) web application offers a new graphical way of managing accounting information. By easily selecting among some filters in forms, the system shows graphs about user, queue or the full cluster usage in a glance.

Developed and released using free technologies such as PHP or mysql, s-gae offers the possibility to display in eye-candy charts full statistics in a lightweight, user-friendly webpage.

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