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Reducing the HPC Skills Gap with OpenFlightHPC

OpenFlightHPC is an open-source project focused on platform agnostic HPC cluster deployment and use. The project’s aim is to reduce the skills gap in building and using HPC systems for a range of different use cases. Initially developed to support construction of supercomputers on public-cloud platforms, OpenFlightHPC has since evolved into covering bare-metal hardware and private cloud deployments as well.
With the ability to handle jobs requiring low-latency fabrics, parallel filesystems, big-memory systems, and modern container-based AI and ML workloads, there is plenty of scope for building both agile, single-use and more complex feature-full environments. In this talk we will focus on our newest features designed for novice HPC user enablement and how, from template use-cases, they are able to step gently into the world of supercomputing, avoiding a steep learning curve.
Utilising a small demo cluster we will demonstrate how an individual can develop their skills, starting with the guidelines you can put into place, up to the user being able to confidently amend or reconfigure their environment. We will also discuss how to use OpenFlightHPC as a form of user empowerment, and how this project can aid in promoting self-improvement and help foster greater inclusivity in our industry.

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