Talks > 15-16/06/2017 Adam J.Roe

Lustre*: Technical Update & Changes to the Distribution Model

Lustre* is the predominant HPC filesystem with a share today of over 70% of the TOP100 using it. Intel® has been driving Lustre* since the Whamcloud acquisition back in 2012. This talk will focus around how Intel® is changing its distribution model and how this is positively effecting the amount and quality of the features being put into Lustre*. The technical aspects of some of the new 2.10 LTS features will be discussed here and how these can be leveraged by the entire community.

Multi-rail LNet, progressive file layout, Lustre* snapshots and some of the work we are doing with ZFS as a backend for Lustre*. These are just a number of the features that will be discussed along with the ongoing efforts to open source the proprietary aspects of the Intel® EE for Lustre code such as Intel® Manager for Lustre* and the Hadoop adapters (HAL & HAM).

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