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IBM HPC/HPDA/AI solutions

We used to think of High Performance Computing (HPC) as Huge systems, Profusion investments and Complex scientific applications only. The goal used to be being high in the TOP10/50/500 in the Tera-Peta Flops race but things seem to be changing. There are new market drivers, we are approaching technology limits and new trends arise to work around such “keep up with Moore’s law inhibitors”. HPC is seen now as a special kind of Analytics (or just the other way around).

All in all, this change in the goals forces a change in strategy. IT industry is facing also the explosion of AI and Machine Learning, which translates into new requirements and pressure over the Infrastructure. Moreover, in this new world of Smart devices and Intelligent systems, data is exploding and we do require new ways to manage such data-lakes or even data-oceans. Newest IBM POWER servers and Storage solutions shine in those areas due to the rich ecosystem provided by the OpenPOWER Foundation initiative and the revolution around All-Flash-Arrays.

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