Talks > 18-19/06/2020 Mileidy Giraldo

Genomics Optimized Servers Accelerate COVID-19 Discovery with High-Throughput Analytics

As of today, Johns Hopkins University reports over 7 million confirmed cases of COVID-19 and over 400K deaths in 188 countries around the world. With the statistics still climbing, biomedical researchers and clinicians around the world are racing toward gaining a better understanding of the novel coronavirus and developing innovative ways to combat the pandemic. Have you ever wondered:

  • What type of insights are COVID-19 researchers interested in?
  • What is the role of HPC in enabling COVID-19 discoveries?
  • Or, what can scientific computing teams do to support their Life Sciences researchers in these efforts?

In this seminar, I will address these questions and make a call to action pointing to specifics where HPC-savvy people can contribute. Here, I will also show you the work our team is spearheading in accelerating high-throughput genomics analytics by reducing the execution of genomics workflows from days to minutes and thereby accelerating the path to COVID-19 discoveries.

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