Talks > 18/05/2023 Jordi Deu-Pons

Bridging the Gap: Introducing Fusion – A POSIX Distributed File System for Cloud-Native and On-Premises Storage

Fusion is a virtual, lightweight, distributed file system that bridges the gap between cloud-native storage and pipelines. Is used by Nextflow pipeline manager, a popular tool for developing and executing data-intensive pipelines.
It enables seamless filesystem I/O to object stores via a standard POSIX interface, resulting in simpler pipeline logic and faster, more efficient pipeline execution. But that’s not all. Fusion can also be used on-premises and coexist with traditional HPC parallel file systems, allowing for a seamless data management experience across hybrid and multi-cloud environments.
This talk proposal introduces Fusion as a versatile solution for managing data in hybrid and multi-cloud environments. It will delve into the technical aspects of Fusion, how it integrates with object stores, and its benefits in terms of performance and efficiency.

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