Talks > 13-14/06/2019 Eduardo Arango

An Update on Singularity Containers, and a Peek into the Future Roadmap

Singularity is increasingly recognized as the ideal container technology for AI, Machine/Deep Learning, compute-driven analytics, and Data Science. Recently released Version 3.0 of this open source software incorporates a number of significant enhancements that span from the core of the software itself to the enabling ecosystem that surrounds it. Thus the purpose of this presentation is to provide a technical overview of the following enhancements: reimplementation of the Singularity core in a combination Go and C; the introduction of the Singularity Image Format (SIF) as a file-based paradigm for encapsulating cryptographically signable and verifiable container images; expansion of the Singularity ecosystem through cloud-hosted services for signing and verifying cryptographic keys for SIF images, remotely building images as well as a repository for storing and sharing images; plus miscellaneous enhancements regarding instance support and networking management. Platform enhancements, together with an expanded and better-enabled container ecosystem, combine to set Singularity apart as the optimal choice for compute-driven workloads wherever they exist. Because the Go-based core and SIF enhancements are essential to the roadmap for Singularity, allusions are made here with respect to standards compliance as well as integration with Kubernetes for container orchestration.

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