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    We are pleased to host the 8th HPC Knowledge Meeting organized by HPCNow!.

    This is a meeting aimed to share expertise and strategies in High-Performance Computing, High-Performance Data Analysis, and Clustering.
    It will be held in Barcelona from 13th to 14th June, 2019 in conjunction with Singularity Training'19
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At KU Leuven we set up a complete elasticsearch - logstash - kibana stack to monitor the hpc infrastructure.

Logfiles are shipped to a central location where they are parsed and indexed to our central elasticsearch cluster. This information is then presented trough a kibana web frontend. The web frontend allows system administrators and support engineers to easily search the logfiles of all compute nodes and login nodes. Job schedule information, abnormal behavior, executed commands, loaded modules, and many more information is now searchable through a simple web interface. Making a visual representation of the results is now only a matter of a few mouse clicks. Dashboards can be created for reporting and debugging purposes. All information can be accessed and used in real time.

This talk will give an overview of the technical setup and design constraints. Deployment of the infrastructure using our puppet and docker based infrastructure and to end it a real time demo of the analytics.


Speaker: Jo Vanvoorden

Date: April 20th, 2016

Location: Faculty of Physics (UB), C/ Martí i Franqués 1, 08028 Barcelona, Spain.


  • "A real must if you're a techie in the HPC World"

    I had the chance to attend one of the HPCKP events and one of the things I really liked was that it's Community driven and very technical. The organization was superb and best of all is all the great people you get to meet from all over the World, tech talks with particular cases being solved.

    image Rafael Griman
    KAUST Research System Specialist
  • "These meetings are crucial for development and success."

    Training and continuous education activities help enhance employability and add value to the companies. It was a great experience because I had the chance to learn more and to share expertise and strategies in HPC with other professionals like me.

    image Massimo Benini
    CSCS software engineer
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